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Wiccans and Witches of Alaska

An ye harm none, do what thou will.



Light & Shadow Seminary sponsors a Meetup Group called Wiccans of Alaska (WoA)

Rev. Amberle is founder and Organizer. Most L & S events can be found there. 

Calling all Witches, Wise Ones, Wiccans and their friends of Alaska. Want to take a break from the 'Broom Closet' and get out to meet others? We are based in Anchorage and Mat-Su but open to all.


Wiccans of Alaska Meetup Group has been created as a devotion to the practice of Wicca. We intend for it to be a resource and gathering for those looking to gain a better understanding of the religion of Wicca as a whole and for those already practicing. Covens, Solitaires, or Cowans welcome. Open to all paths, traditions and faiths of the Wicca and Pagan community. Through chats, discussions, gatherings, and rituals we hope to build a supportive and magickal home for local Wiccans.

We welcome both the experienced and the beginner to come and discuss, exchange ideas, share opinions, ideas and experiences, and educate each other. This community also has experienced members willing to point new members in the right direction.

Wicca is an open religion devoted to the worship of the goddess, or god and goddess, The Horned God, and the Triple Goddess respectively.

Besides the God and Goddess, Wiccans work with four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Associated with these are the four quarters, North, East, South and West.

An over-riding principle of Wicca is the equality of male and female. The God and Goddess are equal and Men and Women are equal.

Traditional Wicca includes many paths, Gardnerian, Alexandrian, oftentimes referred to as British Traditional Wicca, Seax-Wica, Celtic Wicca, Circle Wicca, Eclectic, Georgian, Correllian, Dianic, and the Neowiccan. And the list goes on. Some new age covens, followings, and groups are emerging all the time. All paths are valid as long as they adhere to moral law and the betterment of themselves and Nature.

One thing all traditions hold in common is the Wiccan Rede. Though there are many forms of it, and changes to the wording, the meaning stays clear; "And thou harm none, do as thou will".

With those 8 words, we look forward to creating a very committed, friendly community for seekers and well-seasoned followers alike.


**Please note that we are a spiritual group - not a singles group or dating service. It is suggested that you move on to another group that is more suited for meeting singles if that is your purpose.**

A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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