Wiccan Ascension Classes

This 2 year course can be done through email (correspondence) or in person locally. Classes are held at our covenstead in a small, personal setting so call to see if there is space available, or if I will be starting a new one. 

This course is meant to introduce you to the truth behind Wicca/Witchcraft, the history, the beliefs, and the practices. 

Year 1 is the introductory course, Year 2 is the Ascension portion. There are few criteria (that are very easy to meet if you are dedicated) to be initiated into the Craft as a Priest or Priestess. On contact with the instructor you will be given more details. 



 Year 1 Topics

 Year 2 Topics

 History of Witchcraft  Other types of Magick
 What is Wicca?  Magicks
 Witchcraft & Wicca  Rituals
 God & Goddess  Power of the Written Word
 Elementals  Theban
 Magick  8 Powers of The Witch
 Tools & Clothing  
 Your Temple  
 Sabbats / Esbats  
 Year 1 Final  

The course is set on a 5 week month (4 classes and 1 Test)  and consists of 36 lessons and 8 quizzes, with a final exam.

Tuition $400 (less than $10 a week).

I do not turn any serious seeker away due to money issues. If you are dedicated and feel strongly that this is the right path for you at this time, we will work together to make it happen. 

Please contact Amberle for more information. Blessed Be! 

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