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Inaugural Witches Ball 2013


Feb. 1st 2pm 

We gather to celebrate the feast of Imbolc. In the days of our ancestors, when they lived as family groups or clans upon the wild moors and in the deep forests of a land that would one day be called Britain or Ireland, time was marked by the passage of the sun and moon, and by the changes in the world around them. At Yule they gathered around the fires to call back the sun and prayed that the darkness would not swallow the earth. So slowly that at first none could tell the changes, the dawn came earlier and the sunset later each day. But still the winter held fast the land in its grip, and summer remained a distant memory. Then the Mother sent signs to the clans that life would begin anew.

In celebration of this promise of new life, the clans did celebrate by cleansing and banishing the darkness of winter, sweeping away that which was not useful and lighting candles and lamps to brighten the darkness. Then into their homes they brought the Corn Bride in her bed and to her brought the Young Lord that life might be renewed upon the land.

Bring a new "Working Candle", Your Besom, and a Potluck dish. $5 Donation for Wiccans of Alaska.

Cloaks/Coats and Boots suggested as ritual will be outdoors.

A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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