Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary

Rev. Amberle Wright's Clergy Profile:

I am an ordained Reverend and Doctor of Divinty through the Temple of Wicca. Also ordained Priestess with the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Love that I have found my calling in this lifetime, that of helping, guiding, teaching, healing, and assisting. I specialize in Tarot readings and crystal healings. I also have extensive experience in counseling for many things. Even if you just need someone to listen. 
I have a small Coven here in Anchorage, Alaska. Light and Shadow Coven. It is a very small coven and we are looking to welcome in others. I also have loved the experience of teaching classes to those learning the old ways of the wise ones and who are interested to be on their way to Priest/Ess. 


A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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