Tim was born on July 9th, 1964 in St. Louis Missouri.

Tim and his parents moved to New York, where he met Valerie,  in 1986, whom he made a life with over the next 24 years. That same year, Tim went through training for commercial truck driving. He worked for Allied Movers and drove big rigs from coast to coast. Although he enjoyed the excitement of traveling and meeting new people, he didn’t last more than a few years in that profession.

In 1990, Tim and Valerie were blessed with a beautiful little baby girl, Jenna, who was a petite as could be, and full of spunk ~

In 1992, Tim and Valerie were blessed again with a baby boy, Brandon, who decided to prove his stubbornness at birth by not wanting to breathe and was as blue as a Smurf.

Tim and Valerie decided to finally get married on June 7, 1996.

Anyone who knew Tim, knew that his true passion and talent was cooking. He shared his wonderful edible creations in various restaurants in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and here in Alaska.

For those of you who ever attended the occasional poker party, you know that Tim took the most intense pride and care in the entrees he’d create. His only desire was to make his guests happy, and he so enjoyed watching them enjoy their meal. You all also know, he cooked enough for an army!

Eight years ago, Tim met one of the best friends of his life, Dwane, whom he quickly thought of as his brother. These two were unstoppable, and inseparable, and at times incorrigible. That said, they were always having fun, and plotting their next adventure, and finding new ideas and props for Halloween.

As you all know, Tim’s all time favorite holiday was Halloween. The planning and building, and hard work of figuring out how to cause a certain effect seemed endless for many months before Halloween. But for those of you that experienced the haunted house or attended the Halloween parties you can all agree that he tried to think of everything, and make it fun and memorable for all in attendance. These did provide wonderful fun memories, especially the one when Robbie  fell off the stairs, landing on the fogger machine and took out an entire haunted house display.

Tim hosted two Alaska Aces appreciation dinners, in order to give something back to the players for all their hard work.. He took great pride in providing wonderful home cooked food. The last most memorable dinner was following the win of the Kelly Cup.

Tim first had signs of heart trouble while on a sight seeing cruise out of Seward in 2004. He underwent his first double bypass surgery in July 2004. After that, he had several additional surgeries for placement of five cardiac stents. He had to have plaque removed from the vessels in his legs on three different occasions. In 2008, his wife found him collapsed on the bathroom floor. He was very ill, and after a lot of complications with diabetes, he underwent his second double bypass surgery.

On November 19th, 2009, Tim was overwhelmed with feelings of emotions he’s never fully experienced before. A beautiful and amazing baby girl, Deanna blessed our lives. Through Deanna, Tim finally learned how to feel true love. The realization of these new found emotions took his breath away. He was hopelessly smitten over her.

This past March, 2010, Tim experienced chest pain symptoms again, and although admitted to the hospital he did not have a heart attack, but it was feared by the cardiologist that his symptoms may be warnings signs for a heart attack to come…..

Tim, stubborn as he was, kept bouncing back from every major medical crisis he was faced with over the past six years. But, sadly, his heart was unable to keep up with Tim’s persistence and drive to keep conquering all odds.

There are so many people who were very important and dear in Tim’s life~too many to list. For all of you, please know that he appreciated your friendship and good times. Lots of memories were made because of each and every one of you, and none of those memories will ever be forgotten. Tim’s memory lives on in each of you, thank you all for being a very important part of his life.

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