Handfasting refers to one of two types of ceremonies, either a "wedding" or a betrothal of a year and a day, which the participants can then decide to renew or not at the end of that period. Handfasting is quite popular today, among many people who find that their own lifestyles call for an alternative joining ceremony to that provided by more typical weddings. Handfasting can be used by traditional marrying couples, couples of the same sex, or by group marriages who wish to have more than two people in their families. They can be used by people who are members of Pagan (polytheistic nature religions), or by people who don't necessarily share the same beliefs. There are also Christian and other folks who chose to use handfasting as their wedding rituals for various reasons, so don't feel excluded form these resources.

Rev. Amberle Wright is a legally ordained minister with the Temple of Wicca and Church of Spiritual Humanism.

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