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Being a Wiccan means understanding and living a certain code of ethics. These ethics are based in a kinship with all things and beings. We believe that we must weigh our actions in relation to the good of all as far as we are able to. 


The laws are an important part of many traditions. There are several versions in existence. Here is an updated version consisting of 42 Laws, also known as Ordains. These 42 are divided into sections.

Laws of Wicca

Personal Standards

1: An ye harm none, do as ye will.

2: If you know the Rede is being broken you must work strongly to correct the situation.

3: Watch, listen, and withhold judgment; in debate, let your silences be long, your thoughts clear, and your words carefully chosen.

4: Never boast, threaten, or speak ill of anyone.

5: Be truthful always, save when speaking would lead to great harm.

6: Do not haggle over the price of your tools.

7: Keep clean your body, your clothes, and your house.

8: Should you take a task upon yourself, work hard and well to accomplish it properly and in good time.


Responsibilities with Others

9: Revere, honor, tend and heal the Earth. (It is the Only one we have)

10: Of that which you grow, make, or use, let as much possible return to the Earth as an offering to Her, as a way to nourish the cycle of life.

11: Do not judge other paths, instead offer them love and aid.

12: Do not steal from human, animal, or spirit; if you have needs you cannot meet, turn to our community.

13: Offer friendship and hospitality to those who visit amoung you.

14: You shall NEVER handfast (wed) someone you do not love.

15: Honor the relationships and commitments of others, and do not couple together if it will (or could) cause pain to another.

16: Raise your children with kindness; feed, clothe, and house them as swell as you can. Show them love and affection; teach them strength and wisdom.

17: You may not own slaves, or willingly be part of any nation, community, or organization which allows this practice.

18: Deal fairly and honestly in all your transactions with others, following the letter and spirit of any contract you agree to, wither in writing or verbally.


Within the Coven

19: The High Priestess shall rule her coven as a representative of the Goddess.

20: The High Priestess shall choose whom she will have as a High Priest, providing he has sufficient training and rank.

21: The High Priest shall support her as a representative of the God.

22: In the Circle, the commands and wishes of the High Priestess are law.

23: The High Priest commands the respect due a magnus, counselor, or father.

24: If there are disputes among you, let the High Priestess convene the Elders. They shall hear all sides, alone, then together, and make a just decision.

25: If the High Priestess and High Priest find it necessary to correct, rebuke, or punish a Covener, this should be done in private and accepted with good grace by the recipient.

26: Any who will not work under the High Priestess may hive off and form a new coven, if they have reached third degree. They and any members who choose to go with them must avoid the coven for a time, until the new coven has bonded and harmonious relations can be established between the two covens.

27: If a High Priestess leaves her coven, but returns within a year and a day, she will be taken back and all shall be as before. Meanwhile, her Maiden or Chief Deputy shall act as High Priestess, should the coven so decide in Council.

28: The High Priestess shall gracefully retire in favor of a new High Priestess, should the coven so decide in Council.

29: You must immediately depose any High Priestess who consents to the breaking of the Rede.

30: Before the coven uses magick, let them debate at length; only if all are satisfied that none will be harmed may magick be used.

31: The Circle must be cast and purified. The Wicca should be prepared and purified to enter the circle.

32: No one may tell outsiders where the Covenstead is, or the meetings, without the consent of the coven.


Within the Craft


33: Do not gossip or speak ill of others of the Wicca.

34: Never lie to the Elders or to any of the Wicca.

35: None but the Wicca may see out inner mysteries; but with the consent of the coven. Friends and relatives may be invited to the ordinary rituals.

36: No one shall reveal to an outsider who is Wiccan, or give names or addresses, or anything that can betray any of us. No one may do anything that will endanger any of the Craft, or bring them into contact with the law of the land, or any of our prosecutors.

37: Keep within your Book Of Shadows the teachings of your coven, and also record your own rites and learning.

38: None may come to meetings with those with whom they are at odds. If any disputes among Wiccans, no one may invoke any laws but those of the Craft, nor any court but that of the Priest, Priestess, and Elders.

39: It is alright to accept money for the work of your  hands, but not for the work done within the circle. Never accept money for the use of magick, or for the teaching of the Craft within the Circle.

40: Never use magick for show, pride, or for Glory.

41: Give your skills, your work and your earnings to your coven, to the Craft, to Priests and Priestesses who do Her work, and to worthy causes that honor the Lady and the Lord. Honor those others who work willingly for the good of the Craft without pay.

42: Never do anything to disgrace the Goddess, God, or Wicca.


Remember these things:


·         A Wiccan knows the nature and ways of their time

·         A Wiccan knows what they know, and should make no other claims

·         A Wiccan seeks to harm none, but faced with the necessary choice between two ills, they will seek the lesser

·         A Wiccan places wisdom first in life rather than love, for love without wisdom can be hurtful, but always temper wisdom with  love

·         A Wiccan knows to seek not more than they need and they shall ever have enough and even abound

·         A Wiccan seeks to know two things; what they are, and what deity is, and if they come to know the answer to either of these, they will know the other.

·         A Wiccan turns no one away seeking the ancient knowledge

·         A Wiccan knows that they are one with all things and all things are one with them

·         A Wiccan strives to overcome fear, of human, death, and other entities/things

·         A Wiccan knows that all things work best when they are positive to all concerned. They also realize the duality, for the negative is also part of the oneness. So seek balance – not stasis. You cannot build upon that which you refuse to recognize.

·         A Wiccan knows that there is an element of laughter in all things, no matter how negative they seem. Seek this out for it is your protection against deviation of mind and will. It can neutralize and make clear the answer you need.


A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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