Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary

Covenants of Light and Shadow Seminary


We reverence the God and Goddess as the representations of the Divine Reality that is at once immanent and transcendent in and throughout all of the infinite creation. We celebrate the manifestations of the Divine Reality through Rites of Seasons and Rites of Passage.


We live in reverence and respect of the Natural world, recognizing the Sacred Cycles of ebb and flow, birth and death, creation and destruction. We acknowledge the sanctity and intrinsic worth of all life forms, and in dearth of cause, will never by word or deed willfully cause harm to befall any creature, manifest or unmanifest.


We affirm as inalienable the Right of every individual "either alone, or in community with others, in public or in private, to manifest his or her religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observation." (Article 18, Universal Declaration of Human Rights). We recognize the responsibility of every individual for his or her own spiritual development and transformation, and that every individual is his or her own ultimate authority in all matters of spirit and religion.


To the extent of available spiritual and material resources, we will: teach those who seek; aid those in need; comfort those who for reasons of religion, conscience, ethnicity, or sex suffer oppression; and resist tyranny in all forms.


We live in peace and tolerance with all of humanity, neither converting to, nor seeking to convert those of other faiths and practices.


Love is the Law, and Love is the Bond.


Honor, Love, and Trust are the Sacred Virtues of the Wise, within the Circle and without.


Whatever action you take will return to you three fold.


So it harm none, live according to Will.


The Wise shall revere each living thing, for all life is Sacred.


The Wise shall give due reverence to the Old Ones and obey their Will.


The Wise shall observe the Sacred Days in Holy Rite.


The Sacred Knowledge may not be revealed to the unworthy.


None may enter the Circle without purification, and then only with the sanction of the presiding Priestess and Priest.


All due respect shall be given to the Priest and Priestess who serve as representatives of the Old Ones.


As the Wise are to the Old Ones, so shall be their Sacredness.


All are equal within and without the Circle according to ability and knowledge.


Judge not the path of Brother or Sister, for all Paths are Sacred.


Light and Shadow Seminary Constitution


The Seminary shall be known as “Light and Shadow Seminary” and “L & S Seminary”. The Coven organized within the Seminary shall be known as “Light and Shadow Coven”, an eclectic family of Wiccans and Witches abiding by the following bylaws.


ARTICLE II Affiliation 
The Seminary is not affiliated with any governing religious body. The Seminary will always strive to cooperate with others of like or different faith while maintaining its privilege of self-rule.


ARTICLE III Confession of Faith 
The Seminary believes in the privilege of all to seek and follow that which is right in their own faith. The Seminary and Coven holds faith in the Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do as ye will".


The Seminary believes and participates in the practice of Wicca and other Pagan or Neo-Pagan Religions that are loosely based on a variety of traditions and closely connected with the Goddess-focused religions adapted to the needs and sensibilities of modern people.


As we define it, Wicca or the Wiccan Religion (aka, The Craft, The Craft of the Wise, Witchcraft, Wicca) may be monotheistic, polytheistic, and/or a blend thereof. We conceive of a universe composed of many levels of reality or planes of existence. Wicca and Paganism are a nondogmatic, nondualist, nonsexist, nonracist, scientific, magickal, holistic, and ecologically oriented faith. We are dedicated to the preservation of our Holy Mother Earth, the full achievement of the potential inherent in all beings, the revival of the worship of the Old Gods and Goddesses in a modern context, and the creation of a world of peace, love, freedom, health, and prosperity for all sentient beings.


Section 1. The purpose of the Seminary shall be to unite Wiccans in fellowship for spiritual development and for the winning of all people to greater knowledge and service to our fellows.

Education is the main purpose of the Seminary. We believe that all must continue to learn every day, everything they can. 
Section 2. In order to achieve this purpose, the Seminary, in the unity of minds, shall use the gifts that God, Goddess, and the Universe have given it.


ARTICLE V Membership 
Membership in the Seminary is granted to all who apply, declare their acceptance of the Rede as a guide for life, and seek the greater knowledge.


Section 1.The general administration of the Seminary shall be vested in a body known as the Council. 
Section 2.The founding Officers of the Seminary will hold Council.


Section 1.The Council shall organize itself in a manner specified in the bylaws. New members of Council will be assigned by High Priestess or other founding Officers.

Section 2. The Coven will operate under the Council.


ARTICLE X Amendments 
Amendments in harmony with this constitution and not in conflict with Wiccan principles and practices, may be added at any given time.




Light and Shadow Seminary


The following Bylaws are intended to help us achieve these ideals, and allfuture Bylaws and amendments shall be similarly intended.

ARTICLE I Membership

Admission into membership

a)Application for membership 
A written application for membership shall be placed with the High Priestess of the council. Applications need to state their legal name, the name by which the member wishes to be known, a short essay on who they are, and why they wish to become a student of Wicca.  Followed by an acceptance of the constitution, by-laws, and Rede

b)Classes of membership
Founding Officers and members of Council of this Seminary will be known as Seminary Elders and Clergy. Elders are charged with the overall management of the Seminary under the leadership of the High Priestess. The spiritual and educational needs of the membership are attending by the Clergy known as Priest or Priestess who are ordained in accord with the provisions of these by-laws. All other members, accepted by the Council for membership and in good standing will be known as initiates. Initiates may ascend to any office of the Seminary in accord with the provisions of these by-laws.


Children of members
Children of the members of the Seminary and its constituency shall be nurtured under its spiritual care when so desired by the child's parents. At the time they choose to do so, children may make application for membership as specified above.  


Responsibility of membership  
All members accept responsibility for their own actions as they reflect upon the name of the Seminary. Members are responsible for living life in a manner that inspires respect for the Seminary. Members respect the faith of all people and the right of all to choose a path which is correct for them.


Non-active members

Non-active members will be considered as “Spiritual Members” and will be notified of all activities. If a “Spiritual Member” would like no further association with the Seminary, a simple letter of that request will be acceptable to Council.



If discipline is deemed necessary, it will be handled by the Founding Officers and Council Clergy.


Nonmember friends
The Seminary is responsible to reach out to the Community to assist and educate. (Not to be confused with Proselytization). The Seminary as a part of its total constituency shall enroll nonmember friends. The Seminary and its clergy shall serve them in all their spiritual needs, and they shall be encouraged to consider this as their spiritual home. They shall be kept informed of the activities of the Seminary.



Minors shall not be admitted as members of the church without parental or guardian consent.




The clergy of the Seminary shall include those members that have studied within the Seminary for a period of one year and one day, trained under the Council for an additional Year and one day, or whose experience, within the Seminary or as an individual, is deemed by the Council to be sufficient, and have accepted a calling to the Clergy.


Any member requesting admission to the clergy that does not meet the requirements of the examination will be guided and aided by the Council until they are accepted.


The clergy shall be devoted to the service of the Seminary, teaching what they know, administering ceremony, and faithfully giving themselves to the needs of the community. They shall provide the Seminary with an accurate record of their ministerial acts. They shall practice good administrative procedures and cooperate with the Seminary council. All clergy of the Seminary are expected to perform those rites and services normally expected of ministers whenever asked to do so.


The clergy shall, both in word and precept, work in harmony with the Founding Officers, the council, and the membership of the church.


The Seminary accepts and encourages ordination through the Temple of Wicca.




Public services
As outreach to the Pagan and Wiccan Community, Public services shall be conducted regularly when deemed appropriate.


Celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats 
The Seminary will come together as a whole on each of the Sabbats for the purpose of celebrating the day. The celebration of Esbats will be coordinated by Council and the Coven.


The Seminary will reach out to the broad Pagan and Wiccan Community to include in the Sabbats and Esbats.

Organizational meetings
Meetings and activities of the organizations of the church shall be planned and conducted regularly under the direction and supervision of the council.


ARTICLE IV Amendments 
Amendments in harmony with this constitution and not in conflict with Wiccan principles and practices, may be added at any given time.



A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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