Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary
Winter Solstice Walk In The Woods

Join Light & Shadow Seminary in their annual Winter Solstice walk/tree decorating event.

A Traditional "Old Time" Winter Solstice Walk through the Woods at Abbott Community Park.

Winter Solstice marks the turning of the year and the coming of longer days, we can imagine what life may have been like in the "old times" where homes were heated only by hearth fires and candles were the only source of light. Food was scarce for humans and all other "creatures" in the nature. It was extremely important for all in the communities to help others and share what they had. With humans and animals/birds alike.. In respect and appreciation for those times and our ancestors who lived them....

We will be walking, sharing, experiencing, and appreciating the beauty of winter and thinking of the animals and all other "creatures" who still live out in the cold. Join us for a walk through the trails on a hunt for "Our Winter Solstice Tree". Bring edible decorations to place on the tree, warm drinks to share, and music or song your would like to sing around the tree. Family event...bring the little ones and your 4 legged ones.

Participants are advised to wear suitable outdoor winter clothing and footwear. The terrain cannot be guaranteed and who knows what the weather may deliver.

We will meet in the parking lot at noon, and hit the trail by 12:15

A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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