Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary

Light and Shadow Coven

We are a newly organized Coven welcoming any new "Seekers". Officially started in October 2007 after Amberle finished training and branched off to start on her own. 

Rev. Amberle is primarily Faery and Celtic Wiccan, but Light and Shadow Coven practice Mystic Magick, Celtic Magick, Traditional, some Dragon Magick, and most importantly Elemental Magicks.

We, as, The Light and Shadow Coven, are open to all Pagans and Wiccans of every age and we encourage families. Welcoming teens, with a parents consent, or parents with small children too.
 Of course singles are always welcome.

We love life, nature, and sharing of passions, hobbies, and ideas.We are a newly organized Coven welcoming any new "Seekers". 

We celebrate the Wheel of the Year, the cycles of Light and Darkness, and the phases of the Moon. We believe that both Sabbats and Esbats are time to celebrate the energies without and within. 



A spiritual journey is lighted in every shadow if you follow YOUR path.

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