Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary

Your journey begins here...

The Light & Shadow Seminary offers correspondence and local classes in Wiccan Ascension. Whether you are brand new to the craft or seek to further your knowledge, you will find what you need here. This is a 2 year course that is intended to be initiatory, although initiation is not guaranteed upon completion of the classes. However, certification of completion is given.

After the advanced training, some students continue on with continued education training. Continued Education work is not described on the site, being a moot point until one has undergone the earlier training. 

* Wiccan Ascension Course
*Crystal Healings (Laying on of Stones)
*Tarot Readings
*Spiritual Counseling
*Home/Business Cleansings and Blessings


Live life day to day, recognize and follow coincidences in life.


Life is beautiful, thru the pain and joy, it all shines.

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