Light & Shadow Seminary
Light & Shadow Seminary

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Light & Shadow Seminary is an organization that offers opportunities for fellowship, learning, social activism, and safe space for spiritual development.


Founded in 2007, The Light & Shadow Seminary began as a Wiccan Seminary, teaching and sharing Wiccan and Witchcraft practices. Starting in 2014 the Seminary has grown into a more “interfaith” seminary and circle and continues to serve our local alternative religious/spiritual Gaia-centered community. The Light & Shadow Seminary sponsors gatherings, workshops, circles, seasonal sabbats, volunteer activities, community services, and classes here in Anchorage Alaska.


We promote working together to build awareness and appreciation of Wicca/Witchcraft as a religion through education, service, and activism by reaching out to other community interfaith projects and committees, religious services and support, educational opportunities, and social activism.




To build and nourish an appreciation of Wicca, by exploring the many traditions, providing ascension classes, and maintaining historical preservation of the Craft.


To enrich Wiccan interfaith-intrafaith ties and support one another in their individual paths.


To encourage fellowship among Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, Gaia-centered practitioners and all other spiritual communities.

* Wiccan Ascension Course
*Crystal Healings (Laying on of Stones)
*Tarot Readings
*Spiritual Counseling
*Home/Business Cleansings and Blessings


Live life day to day, recognize and follow coincidences in life.


Life is beautiful, thru the pain and joy, it all shines.

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